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12-year-old happy he gets “no more sports injuries”–Mom relieved frequent falls during sports stopped!

Allemu 08 2015.1Twelve-year-old Allemu S. came to Whole Family Chiropractic a year ago in June 2014 because he’d had multiple falls in sports and hit his head, which worried his mom, Maggie, and because she noticed that he cracked his neck a lot. Mom also noticed that Allemu was stressed because he wanted to do well at everything…and that stress showed up in his reactions to a variety of circumstances–and his frequent sports injuries.

Two months after starting care with Whole Family’s gentle, specific neurological (torque release) adjustments, in August 2014, Maggie noted, “Allemu seems more relaxed!! He is less ‘overreactive’ and more calm. Much better attitude. More comfortable with self. More open to ‘pushing’ himself with reading—less frustration with reading.”

Now, just over a year after starting care at WFC, Allemu, a talented athlete who likes math and is a “fierce warrior” on the basketball court, says he feels his most significant change is that “since I’ve been going to the chiropractor I don’t get sports injuries any more.” In addition, Mom says, his muscles are not as tight, and he has greater flexibility.

“With less stress running through his body, Allemu does well naturally,” Maggie says. “He’s also ‘himself’ more often—a consistently gentle, calm, kind person. It’s a very noticeable difference.”

“I feel better after I get adjusted. I feel different. It feels good to be adjusted,” Allemu says. He sometimes requests a visit to WFC ahead of schedule if he feels he needs it. “We feel really well cared for at Whole Family,” Maggie says. “Across the board—in sports, school, and at home—the adjustments have helped with everything!”

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