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“My hot flashes stopped & I felt virtually no anxiety or depression anymore”: Guest post on hormone therapy by WFC’s Mary C.

Hormone Therapy: Good or Bad?

A few years ago, I was having all kinds of post-menopausal symptoms that were extremely uncomfortable and that interfered quite a bit with my life.

Not only did I have night sweats that woke me up (and I need my beauty sleep!), but I would get hot flashes frequently, especially if I felt at all anxious.

And the anxiety! I had such bad anxiety that I could hardly function. Then depression on top of that.

None of these are unusual for post-menopausal women. But are they normal? Are they unavoidable? And are drugs (hormones) the only solution?

In my experience, the answers are No, No, and No.

Your brain regulates every part of your body, including your endocrine system—the glands that produce your hormones. All I can tell you is that within a year of starting neurological (torque release) chiropractic adjustments, about the same time as I noticed I hadn’t gotten one cold or sinus infection that winter for the first time in more than 30 years…

…I started noticing that I wasn’t having hot flashes and felt virtually no anxiety or depression anymore. Nor was I waking up at night sweating.

I had tried bio-identical hormone replacement creams that were compounded specifically for me, and hadn’t seen a big difference. Further, I learned that they have not been studied in large enough groups to know whether they are any safer than artificial HRT therapy, which—once large enough numbers of women were taking them for the true effects to appear—proved to be dangerously linked to cancer.

It only makes sense—medical intervention to “correct” hormonal balance is really just a guess at how to regulate a very delicate body system. So I had weaned off the hormones.

At the same time, I was getting neurological adjustments. And to my own joy and amazement, my experience was that my body started working better WITHOUT the drugs.

And think about it—if your body is functioning 100 percent the way it was created to, it will produce the right amounts of hormones at the right times.

Based on the major changes in my mood and other symptoms, my body corrected the amount of hormones and neurotransmitters it was producing once my spinal cord and associated nerves were communicating more fully between my brain and my body, as a result of removing subluxation via the adjustments.

Hormones are very powerful substances, and adding them, whether in bio-identical or artificial form, is a real risk to your health. I am extremely happy that it’s a risk I no longer take—nor do I “need” to!

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