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Back to School Tip #1: Calming Transitional Nervousness

Why There is a Struggle
Use Adjustments to Increase Calm
Expert Strategy


Why There is a Struggle:

How can going back to school cause a child to experience transitional anxiety?  Why does anxiety sometimes become an issue during this time?

With so many new things happening all at once, it’s no wonder children can become overwhelmed and even anxious during the back to school transition.

New classes, new teachers, new kids, new perspectives on life developed over the summer, new schedules, new after-school activities, new homework, new sports teams and clubs, new responsibilities…the list of “NEW” goes on and on!

Our nervous system’s job is to perceive what’s happening in our environment, and to continually communicate internally so our brain and all our body systems know what each other are doing—and how to respond.

When there is so much change all at once during the back to school transition, it’s easy for your child’s nervous system to get stressed and feel overwhelmed.  Being overwhelmed shows up as nervousness, anxiety, poor sleep, stomach aches, urinary frequency/bedwetting, fear, and more.


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WFC Benefits:

How do chiropractic adjustments help your child avoid anxiety during the back to school transition?

When the body is out of alignment, it sends negative stress impulses into the brain repeatedly, over and over again.  A stream of negative stress impulses makes your child’s brain feel like it is listening to “head banger” acid rock Metallica tunes all the time, which is not too helpful during the back to school transition, when his or her brain is trying to focus on learning new things, interacting with classmates, and participating in sports or other activities!

Neurological adjustments help the body decrease (or pause) those unpleasant, stressful “Metallica” impulses into the brain by re-aligning the body and taking the pressure off the spinal cord and nerves.

Body alignment means the body sends calming impulses—more like classical music—into the brain instead of Metallica.  With less Metallica and more classical music going into your child’s brain, the body can calm itself better—and voila! her brain can think clearly again.

The result is that the nervous system processes the multiple changes happening in its new environment more effectively and appropriately, and parents typically notice a child’s anxiety during the back to school transition melt away.

An adjustment according to your recommended care plan schedule keeps Metallica away, so keep your child coming in during the back to school transition in order to keep his or her nervous system working right, or find a neurological chiropractor in your area to start care today.

How Whole Family Chiropractic has Helped:

“My daughter was fully potty trained for 18 mos. prior to starting school.  Then suddenly she began having urgency and had an overnight accident.  She’s only at school for 2 hours, but was going potty 4 times.  In any social situation she was feeling this urinary urgency/anxiety.  It was disruptive to Tashi’s activities and embarrassing for her.  And two medical doctor visits found ‘nothing wrong.’

“Within three visits to Whole Family Chiropractic, Tashi’s urinary frequency completely stopped.  There was no more urgency.  And shortly thereafter it seemed like the anxiety just disappeared. 

“It was so nerve-wracking what we were living through, and now she’s cured.  This is a gentle, easy approach that’s getting results.”

—Sue K., mother of 4-1/2 year old Tashi


Expert Strategy:

Transition Back2School without anxiety 

I love how a chiropractic adjustment calms a child’s brain from the inside and you see outward changes in behavior, sleep and immune system.

But what can you do as an intentional parent in their external environment to help them feel calm and more in-control of their mood, especially during the dreaded Back2School transition?

As a Certified Parent Coach my specialty is giving you practical strategies to stop the fighting, yelling and frustration at home.

The top reason the Back2School transition is a time of anxiety, meltdown and battles is that nothing about it is predictable! When kids feel out of control internally they show it outwardly by trying to rule the roost and make things to their way.

To avoid the school-morning battle and get them into the classroom (and you off to work!) free of stress and frustration create predictability with these Three Strategies For Back2School Ease:

  1. #1) Ask “I wonder” questions in advance. Brainstorming aloud with your child about what the bus/car ride will be like, the classroom, the teacher, and being around other kids allows her to process anxieties in advance.

Ask, “I wonder what your new classroom will look like.”

Avoid telling her everything you know – this is HER time to process.

  1. #2) Give her opportunities for control. When kids disrespect authority it often means their psychological need for control isn’t being met. Find appropriate ways to honor control needs.

Allow her to choose her clothes, breakfast, and music to listen to during the ride to school (in advance!).

Avoid making all the choices for her because you’re worried you won’t get out the door on time. If she’s resistant to you calling the shots you’ll have a morning battle and get behind schedule anyway.

  1. #3) Set a positive expectation. Let’s face it, you’re both nervous about how smooth the transition will go. Intentionally talk about what the good parts of Back2School will be.

Ask, “What fun activity should we do after school, no matter what?”

Avoid threatening to remove the fun if things are rough. You both need the reprieve.

Remember, what YOU do matters so carve out extra time and be thoughtful about how you connect.   You’ll be glad you did!


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