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Better Pregnancy, Stronger Immune System, & Healthier Kids!

I’ve been going to WFC for the last two years and have seen great improvement in my allergies and also in my immune system. I used to get colds all the time and now I rarely get sick.

I saw Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey throughout my second pregnancy and saw a tremendous amount of benefits compared to my first, less discomfort and a much smoother delivery!

I have also brought in my two daughters. My oldest started at 6 months old and it is amazing how she hardly gets sick or if she does she recovers quickly.

My youngest started chiropractic care her first week of life. It has been a tremendous help for her in dealing with the consequences of having a dairy allergy that we were unaware she had until she was 9 months old. WFC helped minimize her discomforts she experienced with dairy. Now with dairy removed from her diet I believe chiropractic care will help her immune system recover so she can hopefully outgrow her allergy in the future.

Whole Family Chiropractic has the best staff, they are kind and compassionate about what they do and really care about improving your health. Thank you WFC!

Ashly S.

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