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Check our what our rockstar office manager Brittany has to say about Whole Family Chiropractic!


Before coming to Whole Family Chiropractic life was very stressful. I was getting paid on commission with variable work hours at a photography company. This was a huge stress on my marriage and greatly limited what I could commit to doing with friends and family. On January 1st 2015 I accepted the position at Whole Family not realizing how much my life would change. What really stood out about Whole Family Chiropractic after I started is all of the life changing stories that are coming out of this place.

Growing up I had been to different chiropractors for my headaches and neck problems. Each chiropractor had a slightly different style or technique but with I still had headaches about once every week or two. Starting my senior year in high school and into college I had episodes of acute tortacollis lasting 2-3 days each time. When this happened my neck was stuck, I couldn’t move my head at all without searing pain up and down my spine. The chiropractor that I was seeing at the time helped the muscles in my neck relax and made sure I was inline but I was always afraid about when it would happen again.

Since starting my position here at Whole Family and getting adjusted on a regular basis I have my life back. My headaches are so minimal that it is usually a result of not drinking enough water. I also am confidant that I will never have another episode of tortacollis because of how effective the adjustments have been for my mild neck pain. The best thing though, is how much better my marriage is as a result of being here. Both of us are less stressed and are rarely sick. We have the energy now at the end of the day to spend time with friends and family. Since I have a consistent work schedule we have been able to plan things weeks and months in advance without having to worry about me arriving late or driving separate. I am also able to enjoy my love of portrait photography without having to depend on it to pay rent.

In November we found out that we are pregnant. Since we found out, I have made sure to get adjusted more frequently with all the changes that my body has to go through. This is my first pregnancy and I have not had much of the typical pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness has been very minimal so far. I feel great as long as I make sure that I am eating something right away in the morning and have healthy snacks throughout the day. I listen to my body and make sure to take it easy and go to sleep when I am tired (even if it is only 9:00pm). When there is any back or hip pain, I don’t just live with it, I get adjusted.

Everyone who comes into the office is super friendly and encouraging. They are always asking for updates and wanting to know how I am feeling. I love all the kids that come in each week and how they make the whole office glow with the excited energy that they have inside of them. I know that I am giving my baby the best start to living a healthy life even before birth.

I cannot imagine how I would feel if I did not have this in my life. Heath and I don’t have to go through this unknown territory of pregnancy fearing what could come next. With every change, every movement, and every step we are getting more and more excited to continue on the journey of our first pregnancy.

I love that everything Whole Family does is to help parents and kids of all ages and health stories to be educated on how to live a healthy life, and live it without drugs or surgery. From the first time that I came through the doors I knew that there were miracles coming out of this place and that I needed to be a part of it.


~ Brittany N.

Office manager of Whole Family Chiropractic

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