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Cancer Doesn’t Make You Sick

Have you ever had fruit flies in your kitchen?  Did you notice that one day they weren’t there, then suddenly they were?  It is easy to look at the little flies and become frustrated with them as they buzz around your fruit bowl and get stuck in your food.  While we all want to blame the fruit flies for being the problem, we really know that they’re not the problem.  The problem is the overripe fruit in your kitchen!  If there is no rotten fruit, there are no fruit flies!


When it comes to our health and our bodies we often forget a very important principle – health and disease can’t exist in the same body.  If we are 100% healthy, we don’t have heart disease, cancer, diabetes or any of the other major “diseases” that many people deal with.

These major health concerns develop only when our bodies start to become weak.  When we don’t sleep well, when we eat poorly, when we’re under a lot of stress – these things weigh on our bodies and begin to push our health down.  If they take up enough of our reserves, our bodies now become susceptible to developing an issue.  Just like the fruit flies – only when fruit starts to become really ripe does it give the opportunity for fruit flies to reproduce.  Rotten fruit first, fruit flies second.  Worn out body first, disease second.

The most important thing you can do is to promote health from the inside-out.  When you strengthen your reserves, you give your body the resilience to prevent any disease from occurring.

What about the person who seems to do everything right?  The person who eats well, exercises, sleeps well…and they still become sick…what happened to them?  In my opinion there are some things we don’t know – What was that person’s mindset?  Was he happy on the outside, but feeling stressed on the inside?  Was there a major life stress when he was younger that his body never overcame?  And of course, the most important question, was his nervous system healthy?

If your nervous system isn’t healthy it doesn’t matter what you do from the outside, your body is never going to be optimally healthy.  If you eat organic food, but your brain can’t communicate at 100% with your stomach, you won’t absorb everything you should.  If you exercise, but your brain isn’t communicating 100% with your heart, your lungs, or your muscles you won’t be able to take full advantage of that workout.  This is why at Whole Family Chiropractic we focus on one thing – making sure you and your child’s nervous system is functioning at its very best, from now until as long he or she lives.

We have many families who begin care and suddenly stop missing school and work with sick days, even though they haven’t changed anything else in their environment.  They are still surrounded by bugs and germs, but with a healthy nervous system their bodies have plenty of reserves and can handle those bugs in a way they couldn’t before.  It’s because the bugs weren’t the problem…the problem was a weak body.

If you want to prevent health issues and have peace of mind that your body is healthy, we recommend you focus on one thing – strengthening your body from the inside-out.  Remember that zero disease exists in a body that is 100% healthy.  Use our office to make sure your nervous system is healthy and use your lifestyle to give your nervous system the raw materials it needs to be as healthy as you were designed to be.

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