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Jamie K – Finding Peace from Postpartum Anxiety

“After the birth of my third child, I was dealing with some more intense postpartum anxiety as well as some pregnancy induced hypertension issues. Functioning with postpartum anxiety is really difficult. It’s difficult to clear your mind enough to get through the day, be present with kids, and obviously care for a newborn. Trying to work through that on my own was nearly impossible and I knew I needed some help. 

Thankfully I knew about Whole Family Chiropractic because of having sought out some treatment for my son about 6 months prior. From the second we first walked in, I was actually near tears from the gentleness and dignity with which we were both treated. That is just something you don’t get at other facilities. 

I really felt heard, from the greeting by Zach & Brittany, to Dr. Tye & Dr. Chelsey really taking the time to make me feel like I was the only person there. It is a really special feeling. That, along with the treatment received, sets this place apart from anywhere else.

Care here is so much more “all encompassing.” Having the whole body scans, you can actually see what is happening INSIDE the body, not just what is happening in your mind or what you  can feel. The care truly goes in-depth and the knowledge of the doctors is amazing. Also, the compassion for what I am dealing with is huge. I feel really listened to when I come to WFC.

I remember Dr. Tye reminding me that one of my goals for care was to feel peaceful in my mind. There are two experiences that helped me see this was really working. One was a time with Dr. Chelsey adjusting me; she was barely touching me, and I could feel energy aligning in my whole body. The other was, leaving one day I felt a completely peaceful mind. When you are a mother of three, with a newborn baby, you have anxiety, and are living in 2020…it’s hard to shut off the wild thoughts. However, I now feel peace for the first time in a long time.

There has been great improvement since starting 6 months ago. I have more peace in my mind. With my anxiety I deal with a lot of ruminating obsessive thoughts. I now have peace. The postpartum anxiety has almost completely subsided. I deal with a little in my life, but am now able to sort through my thoughts to be more present for my family.  I can also manage my emotions surrounding issues. In addition, my blood pressure is better than it has been my whole adult life.

In the world when we are so busy all the time, there are not many places that you go where you are treated like a whole person, worthy of someone else’s time. Here I always feel heard and worthy of the time spent with me.”

~Jamie K – WFC Practice Member

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