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New mom (again) Alli P. on how neurological adjustments made this pregnancy different

Alli and Ella 06 2015As I neared the end of my pregnancy in February 2015, I dreaded the onset of the aches and pains I’d had with my previous two babies and was eager to find a chiropractor who would help strengthen my body to deal with the transition I was about to undergo. I also wanted to give my baby the best start to life, free from neck issues that can result from the birth process, or from digestive problems or colic.

Finding Dr. Tye Moe and Dr. Chelsey Henney at Whole Family Chiropractic was the answer to my hopes. I grew up going to a chiropractor but had never experienced this gentle neurological type of adjustment called torque release. I was eager to bring my family in to experience their optimal health and wellness too.

My hopes proved well-founded. The final weeks of this pregnancy were the easiest of all my pregnancies. I didn’t experience the indigestion, back pain, or significant round ligament pain I’d had with my other babies. Ella was growing bigger and bigger inside of me, yet my body was easily able to handle her increased size and weight. I felt strong and aligned as I prepared for a natural labor and delivery at a nearby birth center.

Although labor was long, my body stayed strong until the end. Ella had an amazing water birth and within a few hours we both received an adjustment from Dr. Chelsey at our home. It was incredible to me as a parent to know that Ella was given the best opportunity at optimal health right from the start.

Now that Ella is 12 weeks old I can look back and see how chiropractic has helped her as she grows. There have been brief moments of tummy pain and fussiness, but overall she is so calm and happy. She cries when she needs something, and is content when the need is met. She isn’t fussy because she feels good in her body. Neurological chiropractic care has helped us have confidence that her fast-developing brain and body are working as they should. No unexplained crying or unsuccessful problem solving here! It has helped our whole family maintain a sense of calm during this new baby phase.

Thank you, Dr. Tye, Dr. Chelsey, and Brittany, for all of the good you have brought to our family!

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