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Why Whole Family Chiropractic Patients Get Results: The Special Qualifications of Dr. Tye Moe & Dr. Chelsey Henney!

Many of our practice members, while getting great results for themselves and their children, may not know exactly why.


Well, the special qualifications of our doctors have something to do with it! So here, for the ICYMI file, is the 411 on what makes the doctors at Whole Family Chiropractic different than a lot of other chiropractors.


Dr. Tye Moe & Dr. Chelsey Henney of Whole Family Chiropractic in St. Paul are neurological and pediatric chiropractors.


In addition to doctorates from Northwestern Health University, each has 100+ hours of specialized pediatric training through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).


Both doctors also have special training and a certification gained by only 10% of chiropractors in torque release neurological care—a very specific, very gentle, highly effective neurological adjustment.


Dr. Moe and Dr. Henney use neurological adjustment technique because they have found it the most effective method of maximizing the natural neurological communication between the brain and the body via the spine and associated nerves.  When interference in the spinal cord, called “subluxation,” is dissipated via torque release adjustments specific to the individual’s body, the body itself is able to restore and maximize brain and body function–or naturally correct malfunction.  Whole Family believes that many people would prefer this to resorting to drugs or surgery.  Whole Family practice members are often able to reduce or stop using medication entirely as their bodies regain their natural ability to work they way they were intended.


In other words, Whole Family has found that torque release adjustments restore the body’s innate ability to heal and function to a degree greater than any other method, therapy, drug, or surgery we are aware of.


Combined, Dr. Moe and Dr. Henney have 12 years’ experience helping around 1000 children and adults in the Twin Cities.  The doctors have presented workshops and seminars to parents, educators, and therapists across the Metro, including the highly acclaimed Perfect Storm workshop that explores the hidden causes behind the explosion of autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and asthma in the Western world, and offers both preventative and rehabilitative information on what you can do.


The doctors have had great success in helping kids develop optimally, whether they start out with developmental delays or their parents simply want to maximize their brain development and overall health.  As the name implies, Whole Family also sees many adults and entire families who have found they are able to maximize health and function, “get rid” of issues, and reduce both sick days and doctor visits.


Many adults proactively bring their children to be tested, or be tested themselves, once they understand that symptoms are usually the last thing to appear, and that finding and removing subluxations (remember, that’s interference in the spine’s ability to communicate between the brain and the body’s organs, systems, and muscles) prior to the appearance of symptoms can head off malfunctions and illness.


The causes of subluxation are physical stresses, chemical stresses, or emotional stresses on the body.  These stresses can significantly impair the function of the spinal cord and its associated nerves, leading to malfunction in the body.  Studies have shown that the increase in white collar jobs correlates with increased subluxation in modern human beings compared with a century ago.


An example of malfunction that may take years to be detectible on blood work or to produce felt symptoms is cancer.  The immune system constantly works to destroys the “bad” cells we all produce; when the immune system is weak over a long period, these cells have a chance to proliferate.  But when torque release adjustments dissipate subluxations, the body is able to regain a fuller natural immune system response, and kill off cells that could develop into cancers over time.  We can see the effectiveness of neurological adjustments objectively on scans showing restored normal function in the nerves going to the colon, spleen, and other components of the immune system.


Similarly, when the nerves connecting the brain to other organs, systems, or muscles are not communicating fully between the brain and the body, those organs, systems, or muscles are not able to function fully, the way they were designed to.  For example, if there are subluxations in the nerves affecting the reproductive system, fertility may be impaired.  If there are subluxations in the nerves affecting the thyroid, thyroid function may be impaired–and so on.  The torque release adjustments remove the subluxation causing this interference, enabling whatever the nerve goes to to restore function.


Dr. Moe and Dr. Henney have had outstanding success in helping both children and adults with health concerns ranging from common issues–including, but not limited to, frequent colds or flu, frequent earaches, latching on/breastfeeding, colic, headaches and migraines, neck pain, “degenerative disc,” allergies, menstrual pain, infertility, and numbness–to developmental issues that may start in childhood such as seizures, ADD/ADHD, autism, asthma, and anxiety.


It is not uncommon for Whole Family to be successful in helping adults and children who have been unable to find answers or solutions elsewhere, often with issues that the medical world has been unable to explain.  Whole Family uses the latest thermal digital imaging to test the central nervous system non-invasively, and re-test after adjustment.


In addition to the changes they see and feel in their brain and body for themselves and their children, thermal digital scans enable Whole Family practice members to objectively see whether and how much neurological adjustments are helping them and their children.


For a variety of testimonials see other entries on this Blog page, scroll down our Facebook timeline at https://www.facebook.com/ChiropractorStPaul , or view Dr. Tye Moe’s video on our Facebook page discussing our Perfect Storm workshop, which explores the hidden causes behind childhood developmental disorders like autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, asthma, seizures, and weak immune systems.

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