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“Having a constant cold or sinus infection used to start with the school year and end during summer vac” says teacher

“Being a teacher, I am surrounded by walking, talking, coughing petri-dishes, or as others may call them…students. 

“Having a constant cold or sinus infection used to coincide with the start of the school calendar, and wrap up somewhere in the second week of summer vacation. No amount of hand washing or hand sanitizer ever seemed to lessen the impact of the dreaded sniffles. 

“This all changed around the third month of WFC neurological adjustments. I didn’t want to believe it at first. How could chiropractic care actually make me healthier? A look at my clinic visit summary proved to me that I was getting better, faster, stronger, better looking… OK so I threw that last one in there. 

“But seriously, instead of colds that last weeks and never really go away, I now have 2-3 day colds from onset of sniffles to random cough. What used to progress into all-night coughing fits and headaches is now a mild inconvenience. 

“If only my students would come to WFC for care, my staff could come back from sick leave!!”

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