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Kellar Y: A year later he’s much more interactive with others. “He’s almost like a different boy now,” says Mom

Five-year-old Kellar Y.’s parents discovered he was blind in one eye when he was three. Because this went undiagnosed, Kellar had a lot of sensory issues, said his mom, Sally. “We had consulted numerous practitioners from homeopaths to vision therapists and psychologists,” Sally said. “Because of his limited vision, Kellar was stressed out, anxious, and nervous, even withdrawn.”

Kellar Y. with Dr. Chelsey Henney & Dr. Tye Moe 12 2014

Kellar’s occupational and vision therapists recommended that his parents try neurological chiropractic care to help Kellar with his mood swings, sleeping problems, anxiety, and eye function and coordination. 



Kellar started at Whole Family Chiropractic in February, 2014. By March, Kellar already showed increased ease of bodily functions and increased sense of well-being and happiness, Sally said. By November Sally writes, “I can’t begin to list all the ways the doctors at Whole Family have helped us. The adjustments are so gentle and you definitely get great the mood-boosting effects.”

In addition to physical improvements in Kellar, Sally says, “the doctors at Whole Family have really helped my son come out of his shell. He is much more interactive and relaxed with others. He’s almost a different person. I recommend neurological chiropractic to everyone. When there is a trauma in our family, unless someone needs the ER, Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey are the first ones I consult.”

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