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Charitee D.: Medical doctor says she no longer needs her brace. “Her body is fixing itself on the inside,” Mom says

Four-year-old Charitee D. began coming to Whole Family Chiropractic in July 2014 on the recommendation of her therapist at A Chance to Grow, who sees kids respond to therapy noticeably better when they receive neurological adjustments such as those given by Whole Family.

Charitee D. with Dr. Tye Moe 04 2015Charitee was born with a hole in her diaphragm, underdeveloped lungs, and “wonky anatomy,” says her adoptive mom, Sarah D. In addition, Charitee had other developmental deficits stemming from her prenatal environment, including severe scoliosis and sleep and behavioral problems.

Charity’s medical doctor at Gillette had fitted her with a brace for her scoliosis, and wrote in June, 2014 that he thought neurological chiropractic would be “quite safe” because it was to stimulate Charitee’s nervous system and help her brain develop, not to manipulate her spine. “It will not cure the scoliosis,” the medical doctor told Charitee’s mom, Sarah. “Oh no,” Sarah recalls responding. “We’re just doing it for her brain.”

But in just the few short months between July and October, Charitee’s scoliosis straightened out. And by winter, the medical doctor told Sarah that Charitee no longer needs the brace. “Charitee’s body is fixing itself on the inside,” Mom says.

As her therapist works to help Charitee develop new neural pathways, and the doctors at Whole Family identify and ameliorate her specific areas of spinal cord/nerve stress and impaired conductivity–something we all deal with due to everyday life, but that affects kids more because it can interfere with development–Sarah sees Charitee experiencing other big changes.

“Her body is still stressed but it’s learning to work better. What Dr. Moe and Dr. Henney do lets Charitee’s body start working on some of those problem areas and helps what the therapist does,” Sarah says.

As a registered nurse, Sarah appreciates the objective tests Whole Family does that show her what is happening over time to Charitee’s nerve/brain function, because “you can’t make that up.” Sarah describes the changes in Charity’s computerized thermal scans as “incredible.” They went from “horribleness to amazing, and that has been encouraging for me.”

Sarah comments, ”If you had tried to talk to me about chiropractic a year ago I would have thought of bone cracking, and I would have turned up my nose. But neurological chiropractic is so gentle and makes so much more sense to me as a nurse, because the nerve moves the muscle and that moves the bone.”

Last, Sarah said, she really appreciates the way the staff at Whole Family care for Charitee. “Dr. Moe and Dr. Henney are so good with Charitee—they’re so patient and calm! Whole Family Chiropractic is definitely one of our blessings this year.”

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