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Overcoming Anxiety Webinar – 2024

Is your child’s anxiety 😣 preventing them from living their absolute best life? Are you having to constantly protect them so they feel safe? As parents, we want nothing more than to see our children happy, healthy, and especially calm + confident as they navigate the challenges of grade school and teenage years. 💪

In this Overcoming Anxiety Webinar, Dr. Tye dives deep into anxiety to uncover its real root causes. He’ll share his personal story as a kid, as well as stories of many other families he’s worked with.
Is it solely genetic or a mere “chemical imbalance,” as traditional doctors often claim? 🤷 Or is there something deeper at play, with stress and toxicity wreaking havoc on our children’s nervous systems earlier in life than we ever imagined? 🌪️
If you feel exhausted always walking on eggshells around your kiddo, and you just want their life to be easier, don’t miss out on this free webinar.
We are here for you and your family. ♥️

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