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Sensory and ADHD Webinar – 2024

Living with ADHD or Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can be challenging for the whole family, from going out to restaurants to getting haircuts to getting reports from teachers.
To truly address the root cause (something traditional doctors skip altogether) we have to look 🔍 back in a child’s prenatal and birth history, and then directly assess the brain 🧠 and Central Nervous System to see how their brain is filtering and processing information.
For most kids struggling with sensory and ADHD issues, the original trigger goes way back to their early childhood 👶 history. Parents are often told “don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it” which is often not the case.
In this webinar Dr. Tye addresses some of the root causes so you can better understand WHY your child is struggling, and more importantly HOW you can help them get better.
We want to give you hope, answers, and help that your kiddo can have a better quality of life!
Say hello to finally getting some answers for your child’s sensory and ADHD struggles, and get back to good sleep, 💤 smoother transitions, easier family outings, fewer meltdowns, and better reports at school.

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