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Overcoming Anxiety Webinar

*Please note, the audio for the video played during the talk didn’t record properly.  Here is a link to that video:
Community Webinar to Help Parents and Children with Anxiety
  • Are you or your child struggling with Anxiety?
  • Have you been dealing with stress for so long that your body can’t seem to keep up anymore, leaving you feeling low, overwhelmed, no energy, and like you don’t know what else to do?
  • Does your heart break to see your child worry?
We’ve seen these concerns SO many times and our guess is that all you want (for you or your child) is to simply feel like yourself again. Alive, energetic, and not having anxiety and stress hold you back. Or maybe just to see your child’s personality shine!
Watch this webinar for insights to help you look at anxiety in a new way. Leave feeling empowered that there is hope for a new future.
If you have tried so many different options and still struggle, know we are here for you. This is the same information Dr. Tye has presented at the annual, statewide conference to the Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health. He’s excited and passionate to help you as well!

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