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Paula C – “I am on to a healthier life path.”

“I came to Whole Family Chiropractic because I was having some problems with my right foot while I was running. I didn’t want to have surgery to repair it and decided to try something different.

I had torn my ACL in the past and had surgery to repair it. I was out for a long time after that and I did not want to go through that again with my foot. I was really frustrated with the fact that everyone that I went to see told me “you need surgery”, “you need this _(drug)_” I felt like that can’t be the answer to everything. 

Within the first month of care at WFC I really started to feel things changing. I ran a couple of long distances and my foot didn’t hurt instantly. There were times that I didn’t pay attention to my foot and would finish an eight or nine mile run and a realize, “Hey, my toes don’t hurt yet.” 

At the beginning I really thought it was all in my head. After having a couple times a week of feeling like things are changing I realized that I really was getting better.

Now after 4 months of care, while I still have some trouble with my foot while running, it is less frequent than it was. I am sleeping better. My digestive system is better. I am more attuned with myself as a result of care and some things they have taught me. I am on to a healthier life path as a result of my care.

Everyone at WFC is so gracious and nice every time. It’s not like I am just someone coming in and getting adjusted, they remember me and follow up with me on things that we talked about weeks before. The most special thing about WFC is the atmosphere and the people make me feel like I belong from the moment I come in the door.”

~ Paula C. – WFC Practice Member

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