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Jameson V – “He has better impulse control, he’s treating friends better, and following directions better.”

“Before coming to Whole Family Chiropractic, Jameson was having emotional and behavioral issues at school. He also was having some balance and coordination difficulties, along with digestion issues – where he was throwing up quite a bit.

I felt that medical doctors were really quick to pass us along to the next step. It seemed like the road only lead to medicine or surgery and I knew that there was more to it than that. 

The care here is much more whole picture than other places we have tried. In addition to taking a look at the scans, they take into account things like: daily living, lifestyle, and activities. It is much more of a whole person approach.

WFC is very kid friendly and very informative. They are willing to work with us on whatever our goal is for his health. Care here is much more information based; “here’s what’s going on and these are your choices”. I appreciate that we have multiple options to choose from rather than being pushed in one direction.

When I realized this was working, I was relieved. I felt validated in knowing that the concerns I had for Jameson were legitimate. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with him, but we are making improvements that are ultimately putting him in a better position to thrive.

Now, life is goofy. A lot of the issues he had were showing up at school. He is doing so much better now. He has better impulse control, he’s treating friends better, and following directions better.

The most special part of care at WFC is how friendly everyone is. Jameson can do his thing and I don’t feel like we are being judged. Everyone is very open, even other patients are very cool and accepting.”

~ Angela V for her son Jameson – WFC Practice Member 

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