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What if they DON’T grow out of it?

Parents, have you been told by your pediatrician and other pediatric experts, “Don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it.” ??

If you have been up all night with your child who is experiencing colic, chronic constipation, reflux, or ear infection after ear infection, it’s essential to know that these issues may not simply go away on their own. If your child is struggling with tons of tantrums, meltdowns, developmental delays, and difficulty sleeping, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s just a phase.

This way overused phrase, probably more than any other one, really gets us upset 😠 because we know the science + neurology 🧠 that says the opposite is most often true — many kids do NOT grow out of things like colic 😭, reflux, constipation 💩, chronic ear infections, motor delays, meltdowns 😡, tantrums, and so forth.. but instead can grow into things like sensory processing disorder, ADHD, anxiety 😟, autoimmune challenges, and more.

Watch this video 🎥 from Dr. Tye where he breaks down this common misconception, and most importantly teaches you:
The science + neurology 🧠 that ties all these conditions together
The action steps + strategies you can take to help your child heal naturally.

If you feel like your child is stuck with too much stress 😣 on their nervous system and going through a “perfect storm” 🌪️ of one thing after another, consider taking a path OUT of the traditional medical system and INTO a neurological healing program with our trained and ready pediatric team! 🧠


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