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Whole Family Chiropractic Featured on Ch. 5-Eyewitness News TCL Health Segment

Breaking news from Whole Family Chiropractic!

If there was a way to make sure your child was fully healed up inside and sports injuries weren’t having a lasting effect, would you want to know about it?  Can neurological chiropractic really help your kids do better both in sports and in school?  

In the attached Ch. 5-Eyewitness News health segment, neurological and pediatric specialist Dr. Tye Moe of Whole Family Chiropractic in Highland Park on the border of St. Paul and Minneapolis explains a bit about why the answer is a resounding YES!  The segment aired Sept. 9 on the Twin Cities Live show, which runs weekdays from 3PM-4PM.

As Whole Family sees daily in practice, neurological adjustments  effectively minimize/reduce occurrence of kids’ sports injuries, enable deeper, faster healing from injuries, and maximize athletic ability by ensuring kids (and their families) have the optimal neurological connections via the spinal cord to the brain and the body.  

(Link below to our blog on 12-year-old Allemu S., who illustrates how neurological adjustments significantly improve balance and reflexes and reduce falls and injuries.)

In turn, maximizing brain and body function not only helps kids feel awesome…it enables kids to perform to the best of their ability–both in sports and in school!  

You can read more in depth on this topic on our blog Avoiding Sports Injuries at http://healthyfamilymn.com/?p=1505 .

So if you’ve ever wished there was a way to make sure your child’s brain and body are functioning maximally WITHOUT drugs, surgery, or expensive therapies...

…the cutting-edge gentle, neurological adjustment method Whole Family employs called Torque Release Technique may be something you’d like to know more about.

Give us a call at 651-789-0033, check out our other blogs, or Google “Torque Release Technique” to learn more from researcher Dr. Jay Holder, who developed the technique based on studies of what worked best.

The attached Ch. 5-Eyewitness News Twin Cities Live health segment can help parents, teachers, and athletes learn how sports injuries may be affecting a child–even her or his academic performance–and what they can do about it!

Dr. Moe is one of a group of 7 local chiropractic offices whose doctors have additional qualifications and experience in pediatrics.  Find a Twin Cities area pediatric chiropractors near you at www.mychildschiropractor.com .

In the Ch. 5 segment, Dr. Moe explains that although kids may seem to have recovered from a sports injury, inside they may not have, and gentle, specific neurological chiropractic adjustments can fully restore the connection between the brain and the body.  This enables a child’s brain to optimally direct his or her body how to fully heal up!

WFC’s Dr. Moe and Dr. Chelsey Henney have found that neurological adjustments work to quickly reestablish the best brain-nerve system-body connection–so kids and adults can heal and function their best.  They get outstanding results.

Kids as well as adults recover faster, their brains and bodies work better and are stronger, and they get sick and injured less when the neurological, torque-release adjustments remove “subluxation”–actual but unrecognized interference along the nerve system that affects the connection between the brain and the rest of the body.

Here are one mom’s comments about how Whole Family’s care has helped her sports-loving 12-year-old son:  https://www.facebook.com/ChiropractorStPaul/insights/?section=navPosts

We hope you enjoy this Twin Cities Live health segment with Whole Family Chiropractic’s Dr. Tye Moe!  Please share it with those you think might be interested.  And let us know what you think!

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