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Alina, Tessa, Johahna, and Keasley O.: “They’re like different kids now,” Mom says

Tessa, Keasley, Alina, and Johahna O. have gained tremendous benefits from neurological adjustments that have changed their and their family's life, says Mom.
Tessa, Keasley, Alina, and Johahna O. have gained tremendous benefits from neurological adjustments that have changed their and their family’s life, says Mom.  Above, the four sisters at Whole Family Chiropractic with Dr. Tye Moe and Dr. Chelsey Henney.

Tiffany O. brought her 7-1/2-year-old daughter Tessa to Whole Family Chiropractic in May of 2015 rather than put her on medication:  “Out of the blue, Tessa had tummy pain so bad we had to go to the ER,” Tiffany says.  It was severe constipation.

The medical doc proposed medications, but Tiffany felt that wasn’t the answer:  “We had gone to Dr. Moe a couple years ago and he was wonderful, so we thought of him right away,” she says.

Soon Tiffany and husband Jon decided to bring in Alina, 9; Johahna, 6; and Keasley, 4-1/2, as well:  “We saw a huge change in Tessa within 2 visits.  The bowel issue was totally resolved.  But we also saw big improvements in her anxiety.

“We just wanted to give all our children the best chance for health.”

The other girls’ scans all showed subluxation that wasn’t yet symptomatic. But they’ve had dramatic health changes too:

Alina, the eldest, had always sleepwalked.  “Now she sleeps steady through the night without waking up,” Mom says.  And Alina’s emotions “have leveled out greatly.  Before, she would cry over the smallest things.  No more.”

Johahna’s constipation and daily leg pain disappeared after 2 adjustments.  It’s made such a difference in the 6-year-old’s life that “she’s like a different child,” Tiffany says.

Little Keasley, whose “body was always running 500 miles an hour,” had always had a hard time falling asleep.  Now she sleeps at night and is calm by day.

“These are huge changes in our world,” Mom says.  “Keasley is focused, alert, and can sit still!”

Last, Tiffany herself got rid of headaches and severe menstrual cramps.  “I used to be doubled over in pain and go to bed and stay there,” she says.  “My periods now are phenomenal.

“And if my allergies flare up like they always do in August, I go right in and get adjusted and it stops and the headache goes away.  I tell every one that if you have allergies you need to get adjusted and it works wonders.”

Last, this mother of four says, “I have never had to fight with my kids to get them to go to Whole Family.  My children LOVE getting adjusted.”

But with all this, what really sets Whole Family Chiropractic apart, Tiffany feels, is that her children “feel truly listened to and cared for here.

“Dr. Tye and Dr. Chelsey always ask us how we are doing when we are on the table.  They take time to listen to your concerns and give you feedback.  They are very knowledgeable, very cutting edge, always up on latest info.  They always have resources for me.

“And if one of my kids says something is bothering her, they really listen and respond.  Really they’re a one-stop shop,” she said.

“I strongly believe in torque release adjustments, but not all torque release doctors are the same,” Mom said.  “Some don’t feel they need to hear how you are doing; they will just check you and fix you.

“I love that we’re getting healed up, but I love the hearts of the people doing it here even more.”

L-R: Tessa O.; Whole Family Chiropractic’s Dr. Tye Moe; Keasley O.; Alina O.; Johahna O.; WFC’s Dr. Chelsey Henney.

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