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Wisdom from Ice Cube

Recently I jumped on the Apple bandwagon and switched from a PC to a Mac.  When making my purchase I decided to also include Apple Care…an extended warranty to cover any failing parts and any technical support I will need.


As I wasn’t too excited to “accessorize” my new computer I figured I would pass on all the other options that can be purchased with it.  After it arrived in the mail and I excitedly used it the first week, a realization hit me.  I had just spent good money to invest in a new computer, yet I wasn’t willing to pay another 15 bucks for a protective case.  If that case saved it from one fall or one spill, it would easily return many times what I spent.  So I quickly shelled out the extra money to protect my new investment.

I then started comparing the difference between my Apple Care plan and the protective case that I bought.  While both would be viewed as something to “protect” my computer, they actually have quite different purposes.  Yes, the Apple Care will repair or replace parts that aren’t working properly, but it actually does nothing to “protect” my new toy.  It doesn’t shield it from spills, nor does it prevent me from dropping it.  In fact it doesn’t do anything to change how I treat it or what I do with it.

On the other hand, what actually physically protects it if something were to happen is the protective case.  And what protects it even more is not dropping it or spilling on it in the first place.

My realization was that the “insurance policy” is protecting the money I invested, but does nothing to protect the physical property itself.

Then it struck me that health insurance works the same way.  If something happens to your health, it protects your finances needed to get you back on track.  However, it does nothing to actually protect your health.  If you fall and break a bone, insurance will protect your pocket book from paying to have a cast put on.  However, no insurance policy is going to follow you around and protect you from falling in the first place.

The only way to protect your health is to take action to do so.  Eating well, getting movement, and managing stress are great ways to protect your health.  They are the physical actions needed to give your body resources to become healthy.

“Health protection” is one reason I get excited for the neurological chiropractic we offer.  In order for your body to lose health, it must first lose function.  On the other hand, a body part functioning at 100% is going to be healthy.  Since your brain and nervous system control all function in the body, a healthy nervous system gives your body the chance to function at 100%.  Our neurological chiropractic allows your nervous system to function optimally, thus allowing your body to function optimally, and finally “protecting” you from losing health.

When you combine a healthy nervous system with good raw materials (like quality foods for example) you allow your body to build itself up as strong as possible.  THAT is going to actually protect your health.  Unfortunately, sending a check for an insurance premium each month isn’t going to cut it.


A wise scholar once said, “You better check yourself, before your wreck yourself.”  That wise scholar was none other than Ice Cube.  In honor of checking yourself, this month ask, “What is one thing I could start doing that would actually protect my health?”  “What is one thing I could stop doing that is putting my health at risk?”

Choose health insurance to protect your money…choose a healthy lifestyle to protect YOU!

Dr. Tye

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