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Two Perspectives


The other week I was in line at Nina’s Coffee Cafe in St Paul.  As I was looking at the menu I heard a conversation between the person in front of me and the man working behind the register.  It went something like this:

  • Man in line:  “What did you do to your arm?”
  • Man behind the register (who had a scab the size of a quarter on his elbow):  “I slipped and fell on the ice.”
  • Man in line:  “Did you tear up your jacket?”
  • Man behind the register:  “No, luckily I didn’t.”
  • Man in line:  “Good thing.”

The following week I had a conversation with a practice member who mentioned his wife was recently in a car accident.  He said that even though the car was totaled, luckily his wife was okay.

He showed his gratitude by saying, “Cars are replaceable, but people aren’t.”

I thought these two encounters demonstrated two incredibly important points about the human body.  The men at Nina’s illustrated the fact that the body is self-healing.  Both men realized that a good size scab likely meant a good size injury, but that the body would be able to recover.  The life force inside the body is able to repair that scab and injury.  Since there is no life force in a jacket, if it were to be damaged, it wouldn’t be able to heal on its own.

As far as the second story, this one shows the fact that there are still limitations to matter.  Although the body has incredible healing ability, you still have to take care of yourself.  If you consistently put the body under more stress than it can handle, it eventually wears out.  This is why a healthy lifestyle is as important as routine chiropractic care.  By providing your body the raw materials it needs – such as quality nutrition, full body movement, and a clear mind – it not only decreases the wear and tear, but also gives your body what it needs to be nice and strong.

These stories also relate to what we do at Whole Family Chiropractic.  Since the brain and nervous system are the master controllers of the body, it is essential for the nervous system to be functioning optimally in order for your body to heal itself.  This is why neurological chiropractic is so important…we open up your nerve channels so your body has the ability to heal itself.

When it comes to your day to day activities, I encourage you to ask yourself…are you giving your body what it needs to be well?  If so, is your nervous system functioning optimally so you can actually take advantage of those good things?  If the answers are ‘yes’, then you can expect your body to reward you with the quality of life that you desire.  If the answers are ‘no’, what is one thing you could start doing that would help you out?  What is one thing you could stop doing that would help you out?

Remember, our bodies are self-healing from the moment we’re born to the moment we’re dead.  As long as our nervous system is healthy and we’re giving ourselves good raw materials, we can fully take advantage of that amazing healing ability.

Heal well,

Dr. Tye

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