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David E – “I was going through life and realized that the pain that I had before wasn’t there anymore.”

“I had been playing guitar quite a bit and I sit in one particular position while playing. I started to get a really bad pain almost like sciatica going from my left leg up to my low back.  It got to the point that the pain made it hard to sleep. In a short period of time it got really bad. It was a kind of pain that I have never had before. It made it hard to even sit or do anything.

Within a few weeks of care at Whole Family Chiropractic the pain completely disappeared. The change was subtle, I was going through life and realized that the pain that I had before wasn’t there anymore. I play guitar an hour or two a day and it has not returned.

I have been to various other chiropractic offices over the years where they crack your back and neck. What they do here is so gentle…that you wonder if they are doing anything or not. However, when the care is so gentle, and it solves my problem – it convinces me that the very focused nerve treatment they are doing really works.

The treatment and the methods here are different than you will find anywhere else. Especially if you don’t like your neck getting cracked. I have never had a painful adjustment experience here like I have had at other offices.

The whole staff is so friendly and so positive all the time. They send little videos that are short and useful. The care and the attitude could not be any better.”

~ David E. – WFC Practice Member

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