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Did You Know That Eating Fat Will Help You Lose Fat?

It seems like an easy connection, if you eat fat you become fat, right?  While it makes sense in our mind, what actually happens in our bodies is quite different.

To fuel our bodies and create energy throughout the day, our bodies prefer to use two things – carbohydrates and fats.  Now imagine you’re driving to work and you’re running late.  You can pick a route that you’ve taken a thousand times, or you can pick a brand new route.  From what you know, both routes will get you there in the same amount of time.  Odds are you’ll pick the route you know because it’s going to be easier and guarantee the result you want.  The route you don’t know is going to take more work and more focus, which adds to the stress you already have of being late.

You’re body works the same way when it is choosing to burn carbs or fats for energy.  If it never gets any fat in your diet, it never has a chance to practice – it’s an unknown route.  So when the opportunity comes up to burn fat, if it hasn’t had any practice…guess what?  It is going to choose to burn something else.

So by eating fat, you train your body to burn fat.  Which means when it comes to losing weight, you can actually lose fat instead of water or muscle.

Here are some very healthy fats I recommend:
–       Coconut oil
–       Extra virgin olive oil
–       Organic butter (especially from grass/pasture fed cows)
–       Omega-3 fat – Found in coldwater fish, flax seed, walnuts, and other foods

If you’re really interested join us for our next workshop, February 20th.  You’ll leave feeling excited to make nutrition changes because you’ll actually be able to eat foods you enjoy, while boosting your health and losing weight!

See you there,

Dr. Tye

And as a side note, don’t worry about fat and cholesterol causing heart disease.  If you eat healthy fat it actually protects your heart.  Here’s a brief clip:

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