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Two Perspectives

The other week I was in line at Nina’s Coffee Cafe in St Paul.  As I was looking at the menu I heard a conversation between the person in front of me and the man working behind the register.  It went something like this: Man in line:  “What did you do to your arm?” Man … Read more

Mouse in my house!

In turns out there is a mouse (or maybe more than one) in my house.  I first became suspicious when I noticed my bag of wild rice had a hole in it.  Pretty soon I noticed a couple other foods items on my shelf were developing holes, and small food remnants were finding themselves on … Read more

What Do You See?

Did you know the average person touches their cell phone 400 times in one day?!?!  Assuming you sleep for 8 hours and are not using your phone during that time, that means the average person touches their phone every 2.4 minutes during the day.  Now imagine trying to have a conversation, enjoy a meal, focus … Read more

Did I Eat It?

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my car.  As I was doing so, I ran across an old potato chip.  My initial thought was, “Hmmm, I wonder if it’s any good?”  Normally I’m not opposed to eating something that fell on the ground, since I know some extra dirt will only strengthen my … Read more

Let others make you smile!

The other day I was riding in the car on Interstate 94.  As we were passing a U-Haul truck, I happened to look into the cab and noticed three young men, probably around 18-20 years old.  Given their ages, and that it was the near the end of August, I figured they were moving out … Read more

What are the four things your body requires for life?

Can you figure them out?  The first three come easiest for people because we’ve been taught them since childhood.  We know we need air, we need water, and we need food.  The fourth, however, is often the most neglected, even though we last the shortest time without it. Without air, we can go a number … Read more

Functional Stretching

Dr. Tye Moe of Whole Family Chiropractic and Tony Koens of Timberwolf Crossfit in St Paul, MN go through stick stretches for optimal health. STICK STRETCHES STATIONARY MOVEMENTS (PRE-WORKOUT) ACTIVE MOVEMENTS (PRE-WORKOUT) STATIC STRETCHES (POST-WORKOUT)

What is Your Best Investment?

If you could pick one thing to do to help those you love the most, what would you pick?  My coach asked me this question recently and I started giving some different answers.  I gave different answers based on my strong areas.  After giving some answers of things I could do to others, he said … Read more

Sick Care or Health Care?

What type of doctor do you have? Have you ever thought about “health care” in our country? Have you ever considered what “health care” means and how most people are actually being cared for in our nation? For example, when do most people go to the doctor…when they’re feeling healthy or when they’re feeling sick? … Read more

Learn How to Workout to Release the “Youth Hormone”

This newsletter is about how certain exercise can allow your body to produce a hormone that keeps you looking and feeling young. It is also about getting the most bang for your buck when you work out. While some exercise is better than none, there are more effective ways than others. The good news is … Read more