Whole Family Chiropractic – Dr. Tye Moe – Dr. Chelsey Henney – Pediatric and Family Chiropractors in Minneapolis and St Paul, MN 55116

“My back has done a complete 180!”

“Since middle school I’ve always had lower back problems. I have to use things like the back of my chair or twist my body really fast to crack my lower back and relieve the pressure that used to build up back there. After college I had my daughter and the pain got worse. My posture was terrible, when I would get down on the floor to work or play with my daughter I would struggle to get up, and I would find it extremely hard to get comfortable at night.

After going through the personalized treatment phases at WFC I can say that my back has done a complete 180! I almost never have back pain, my posture is much better, I don’t struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, and my energy/mood levels have changed dramatically!

I would say the most special part of Whole Family Chiropractic is the friendly family feel, they’re gentle, understanding, knowledgeable and graceful.

The care I’ve received there is seriously like no other, I feel like I can ask questions, like my concerns are heard and like my healing matters.”

~Alexis S.

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