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Postpartum Resources for Mama and Baby – The 4th Trimester

The goal of chiropractic care during the 4th trimester is both baby and mama adapting in a healthy manner through the cycles of sleeping, nursing, bonding, hormones shifting, healing and more! We want this period to be as smooth of a transition as possible into this new world of life for everyone. Co-parents and other siblings included!

Other issues chiropractic care helps with for newborns/babies:

  • Proper latching
  • Efficient, effective nursing
  • Digestion issues – skin rash, food sensitivities, constipation
  • Colic / stomach issues / reflux
  • Sleeping
  • Immune support (eg. ear infections)
  • Coordinated movements – both sides of the body moving equally and properly for growth both physically and neurologically
  • Help support neck, cranial, and upper back recover from the birth process/pressure from birth canal during labor/delivery

For mamas, the focus is checking mom’s alignment post labor/delivery and through the weeks of healing, hormones, bonding and nursing.

Other benefits of chiropractic care during the 4th trimester / postpartum for mom:

  • Rest and recover from birth
  • Healing
  • Help mom through pelvic floor recovery
  • Recovery of body alignment neck, back, pelvis
  • Bond with little one
  • Establish feeding relationship
  • Hormones affecting – energy, mood, sleep, milk supply, recovery

When checking a newborn, some babies are checked as early as minutes to hours after being born. The shifts, changes, and contractions during pregnancy, labor, and delivery can be an adventure not only for mama’s body, but baby’s body too. The upper neck, where a the majority of neurological input (think instructions) comes from for nursing, sleeping, digesting, immune system, bowel movements, etc. can get disrupted and interfered with (think vague instructions) as baby journeys through pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Helping the body come back to an “on” position (think clear instructions), allows for the smoothest transition through these functions and times of change. We all know, happy baby means happy life for all those helping to care for baby!

Frequency is generally two times per week for a few weeks, checking-in on how all aspects of the 4th trimester are progressing.

* Reminder to use your baby certificate for Newborn’s First Visit to WFC, including chiropractic exam, scan and adjustment check, if mama was under pregnancy care in our office!

Resources for Development and Milestones:

Other Resources:

See our resources for Pre-pregnancy and Pregnancy as well.

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