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Signs Your Child is Stuck in Fight or Flight

Do you feel like your child is always stuck on the gas pedal?! Maybe they struggle with anxiety, poor sleep, low-immunity, or behavioral challenges… So what does this mean? 🤔

All of these symptoms can be tied to a nervous system that is stuck in “fight or flight”! 

In this video, Dr. Tye Moe digs into the root cause of a child getting stuck in perpetual “fight or flight” 💨 mode. And how the cascade of stress hormones and tripwire reactions impair vital processes like digestion, immunity, and development!

Looking at the Nervous System 🧠 first can be key to calming this Perfect Storm 🌪️ of Fight or Flight and Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care can play a key role in all of it! 💪 Message us for more info! We are always rooting for you and your family! ♥️


(Here is the CDC link that says 40% of school-aged children have at least one chronic health condition: https://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/chronicconditions.htm)


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