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Whole Family Nerve Camp for Kids: An Opportunity for Kids to Learn About their Bodies and What Makes them Healthy, and Leave with Exercises to Calm & Focus Themselves

Oyen Kids Play Chiropractor2 06 24 2015Announcing Nerve Camp for Kids: An upcoming event at Whole Family Chiropractic!

Nerve Camp for Kids is a great opportunity for kids to learn about their bodies and what makes them healthy, and leave with exercises to calm and focus themselves.

Register Here:
www.healthykidhappyfamily.com (ages 4-6)


www.healthychildrenhealthyfutures.com (ages 7-12)

Kids’ Friends Welcome!

WHEN:  Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015

SESSION I—AGES 4-6:  10AM-11:00AM
Register online at www.healthykidhappyfamily

SESSION II—AGES 7-12:  11:15AM-12:15PM
Register online at www.healthychildrenhealthyfutures.com

2221 Ford Parkway Suite 200
in Highland Park on the border of Minneapolis and St. Paul
St. Paul, Minnesota 55116

REGISTER:  Sign up In Office or Online. Early registration encouraged.

The WFC staff will teach the kids more about how their bodies work, including how the brain’s connections to their organs, muscles, and body systems affects everything they do—including their health!

We will be joined by Ms. Katie Thune of Mad Hatter Yoga to teach calming yoga exercises and explain body awareness and how kids can benefit from it.

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