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Sick Care or Health Care?

What type of doctor do you have?

Have you ever thought about “health care” in our country? Have you ever considered what “health care” means and how most people are actually being cared for in our nation? For example, when do most people go to the doctor…when they’re feeling healthy or when they’re feeling sick? Most times it happens when they’re feeling sick. They go to the doctor because they think they have a problem and they want the doctor to make it go away. As soon as the problem is gone they stop going, and they wait for another problem to show up. So rather than using the doctor to help grow and promote their health, they are using the doctor when they are sick. In my eyes, this means most of the time people use the doctor for sick care, rather than health care…because they rarely go when they’re actually healthy.

Many people do go for an annual check up…such as a routine physical. In this case they may be going even though they aren’t sick. However, what does a routine physical provide your body to actually grow your health? Most likely you will show up, the doctor will say everything is fine, and you’ll leave the same as when you came in. You’ll go back to doing everything you did before you got checked. Again, it will not do much to actually grow or promote your health. The main thing the doctor is looking for is to see if you have a problem…”early detection.” Although early detection is better than nothing, “early detection” means something has to be going wrong in order for anything to be done. You have to wait until after a problem appears before you do anything about it. Do you wait for smoke to start coming out of your engine before you change the oil? No! You change the oil before the engine is smoking.

I bring this up because I want to give you and your family the tools to be as healthy as you can possibly be. Developing the proper mindset around health care is definitely one of those tools. It means doing things to continually grow your health and move it in a positive direction. This is one of the reasons people come to my office for chiropractic care. While some people come because they have a problem, most come because they want to be as healthy as they can possibly be. They want to be proactive and take charge of their health before they have a problem.

It is the same reason people go to the dentist. While some wait until their tooth hurts and they have a cavity, most go for regular cleanings so they don’t have to worry about cavities. People come to me as a chiropractor to take care of their spine and nervous system so their bodies can function the best they possibly can. Since the brain and nervous system control everything in the body, keeping the nervous system working optimally will allow the body to work optimally. This allows the amazing health and healing potential inside each person to be expressed at its maximum. It allows the body to take care of things on its own, without an outside intervention. It is the reason I go to a chiropractor regularly. It is not because I have a list of problems I want taken care of, it is because I want to express my full potential!


So the next time you go to the doctor, ask yourself why you’re going. If it’s to get rid of a problem, ask what you can do to grow your health so you don’t have to worry about the problem in the future. And if you don’t have a chiropractor to help grow your health on a regular basis, find one who can!

Dr. Tye

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