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What is Your Best Investment?

If you could pick one thing to do to help those you love the most, what would you pick? 

My coach asked me this question recently and I started giving some different answers.  I gave different answers based on my strong areas.  After giving some answers of things I could do to others, he said there’s one more thing that is even more powerful…and it wasn’t what I did to them…it was what I did to me.  He suggested taking care of myself first.  If I took action to grow my own health, vitality, and well-being then I could really be a positive resource for those I love.


I suddenly realized how important this idea was.  No matter how good you are at something, wouldn’t you say you’re even better when you have your own health?  Having strong health means you’ll have more energy, you’ll be in a better mood, you’ll be able to think more clearly, your body will be relaxed and at ease, and you’ll feel good about yourself.  Imagine trying to help someone if you’re tired, run down, stressed out, crabby, can’t pay attention, are hurting with aches and pains…how much care and energy can you really give away?

Often times people come to see me because they haven’t taken time for themselves.  They’ve spent so much time taking care of others, they’ve forgotten about themselves.  They may even think it’s selfish to do so.  What I’ve come to realize, however, is that taking care of yourself is the complete opposite of selfish.  Because only when you truly take care of yourself can you have all the resources to help another.

I’d like to give you permission to start with you.  Take time to rest, take time to exercise, take time to eat well, take time to see a health care provider who can boost your health.  If you start to do these things consistently you’ll find your health starts to grow.  As your health starts to grow you’ll find you have more time, more energy, and more resources to take care of those around you.  You’ll be able to do the most for those you love the most.  Just remember that all starts with you!
To your health,

Dr. Tye

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