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What are the four things your body requires for life?

Can you figure them out?  The first three come easiest for people because we’ve been taught them since childhood.  We know we need air, we need water, and we need food.  The fourth, however, is often the most neglected, even though we last the shortest time without it.

Without air, we can go a number of minutes.  WIthout water, we can go a number of days.  Without food, we can go a number of weeks.  What is something that we can’t go without for even seconds?  Nerve supply!


Imagine if someone is in an accident and rushed to the hospital.  They can be hooked up to a ventilator to help them breath, they can be given an IV to supply water and nutrients, they can even be hooked up to a machine to help their heart beat and their kidneys filter.  These machines can keep them alive until what happens?  Until they’re declared brain dead.  Once nerve signals stop coming from the brain, none of the other machines matter.  Think of someone who “breaks his neck”…does he become paralyzed a few days later?  No…he becomes paralyzed as soon as the spinal cord is damaged.

Most health-concsious people become focused on the first three I mentioned.  They work out to get their lungs breathing, they drink filtered water to stay hyrdated, and they pay extra for organic food to keep their body nourished.  But often times they forget the most important thing…their nervous system!  They forget that if they don’t have full nerve supply to their lungs, good air isn’t as effective.  If they don’t have clear nerve channels to their digestive organs, their body won’t be able to take advantage of all the good things going in it.

What’s the best way to take care of your nervous system?  Chiropractic of course!  All the messages traveling from your brain to your body have to travel through your spinal cord to get there.  Because the spinal cord is surrounded by the bones of the spine, a healthy spine equals a healthy spinal cord, and a healthy spinal cord equals a healthy brain-body connection.

So if you’ve been doing things to consistently grow your health, make sure you also include visits to your chiropractor!

Dr. Tye

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